Welcome to Silver Wings Fraternity!

Welcome to The Silver Wings Fraternity!

News Items

Convention 2020 Postponed   (6/25/2020)

The Board of Directors have “Officially” voted, in the best interest of the membership, to postpone the convention planned to be held in Chicago this year.  The Illinois Chapter has graciously agreed to table their planning and pick it up again next year for Convention 2021.  Critical Fraternity business normally conducted at the convention will be addressed, this year, by alternative means.  The annual reports which normally are provided to the membership at the annual meeting will be published electronically via email and via this web site and voting of Directors to the Board will be accomplished via absentee ballots.  Expect to see more information in upcoming editions of the Slipstream and on this site to explain the procedures.

Everyone show their aviator’s good judgement and stay safe!!

Congratulations to SpaceX   (6/1/2020)

What a great accomplishment to further the country’s mission of Space Exploration!!  It appeared that the launch and rendezvous of the capsule with the International Space Station went flawlessly.  It seems we have begun a new chapter in this mission.  Even the onboard live video images were a higher resolution and were so vivid.  We continue into that “Final Frontier”.  Best wishes to all of these voyagers who boldly go….

 Aviation enthusiasts

You are cordially invited to join the Silver Wings Fraternity if you have an interest in aviation, regardless whether or not you are a pilot. Silver Wings Fraternity Membership is open to any person with a genuine interest in aviation. Levels of accomplishment are recognized for Active Members who achieve specific aviation events to include; Solo flight in a powered aircraft, the Silver Anniversary of (25 years since) that Solo Flight, and Members who soloed more than 50 years ago.

Membership is open to men and women of all nations regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. We look forward to welcoming you into the Fraternity. Learn more about our long and rich history by going to the “Purpose and Goals” and “SWF History” under the About Silver Wings tab above. If you have any questions, just write our National Secretary at the Contact Tab above.

Visitors to Sun’n Fun are cordially invited to stop by our clubhouse on “Clubhouse Row” to check us out and meet our friendly members.  We look forward to meeting you!

We have plans underway to build a similar facility at “Air Venture” at Oshkosh so that we may host a members hospitality center there as well.

Updated 6/25/2020