Welcome to Silver Wings Fraternity!

Welcome to The Silver Wings Fraternity!

News Items

Healthier to STAY HOME!!   (3/28/2020)

We applaud John “Lites” Lienhouts and his Board of Directors for making the difficult decision to postpone Sun’n Fun 2020.  The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter had just begun the process of cleaning up and sprucing up the SWF Clubhouse when the decision was made.  This timely decision allowed the Chapter to avoid calling work crews together for this annual preparation activity.  As soon as the danger has passed we will complete the tasks of maintaining the facility and will be prepared to again host our members at the next Sun’n Fun event.  Until then, hopefully soon, we will be staying at home where it is much healthier and washing our hands often.  (J. McCarthy, web site editor and FGCC member).

‘Save the Date’ for Convention 2020   (3/12/2020)

The Illinois Chapter has accepted the hosting duties and are eager to show us their home city.  They are evaluating an extensive list of potential sites, both aviation related and non, to narrow down and fit into a three day convention.  ‘Save the Dates’ – Sept 19th through Sept 22rd 2020.  Details will be communicated here and in the slipstream as soon as they become available.

Thank You – All who have renewed membership for 2020   (3/12/2020)

It is not too late to renew annual membership for 2020 and maintain active membership status.  Dues are $30.  Renewal is simple and can be accomplished on-line from this site or via USPS (normal mail service) as follows:

  • On-line – (Using a credit card)
    • You must be logged into the “Members Lounge” using your email address as your ID and your member number as your password.
    • Select “Renew Your Membership” from the “Members Area” menu (which is only  available when you are logged in)
    • Fill out the form, select National or National + Chapter), and submit on-line.  You should be transferred automatically to PayPal (the site we use for credit card transactions).   Note:  You do not need to have a PayPal account!
    • Once you see the “Purchase Details” page, select Continue
    • On the next page you will be offered the option of logging in to PayPal (if you do have a PayPal account) or selecting the grey button at the bottom “Pay with Debit or Credit Card
    • Make your selection and complete the payment via the on-line directions
  • Note: If you are unable to log in you may select “Member Application” from the “About Silver Wings” menu, fill out the required (*) items, Select the “Jan, Feb, Mar – $30” option near the bottom of the page and click on “Pay Now“.  When you get to the PayPal page proceed per the last three steps above.
  • Mail in renewal
    • Select the renewal form here
    • Print the form and fill in the requested information
    • Include credit card information, a check or money order (no cash please)
    • Mail to the address at the bottom of the form

 Aviation enthusiasts

You are cordially invited to join the Silver Wings Fraternity if you have an interest in aviation, regardless whether or not you are a pilot. Silver Wings Fraternity Membership is open to any person with a genuine interest in aviation. Levels of accomplishment are recognized for Active Members who achieve specific aviation events to include; Solo flight in a powered aircraft, the Silver Anniversary of (25 years since) that Solo Flight, and Members who soloed more than 50 years ago.

Membership is open to men and women of all nations regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. We look forward to welcoming you into the Fraternity. Learn more about our long and rich history by going to the “Purpose and Goals” and “SWF History” under the About Silver Wings tab above. If you have any questions, just write our National Secretary at the Contact Tab above.

Visitors to Sun’n Fun are cordially invited to stop by our clubhouse on “Clubhouse Row” to check us out and meet our friendly members.  We look forward to meeting you!

We have plans underway to build a similar facility at “Air Venture” at Oshkosh so that we may host a members hospitality center there as well.

Updated 3/28/2020